Sunday, June 28, 2015

July Posting Plans

Greetings, humans! I've mentioned before that my output slowed down considerably in the wake of a job that requires a bunch of writing, but I haven't forsaken this blog! In addition to podcasting at Your Stupid Minds, I've also been podcasting about comics for Some of My Friends Read Comics, a spin-off to my friend Vince's general pop culture podcast.

But rest assured, I'm still reading 90's comics, and I'm excited to talk about them in the near future! To that end, this next month I will be posting about some superhero teams that I remember fondly: the New Warriors and X-Force, post-Cable. I also plan to review an issue of Robin's solo series and a DC team book I know nothing about (which could be basically anything other than JLA or the classic Titans team).

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