Friday, August 23, 2013

Cartoon Friday: The Incredible Hulk

Cartoon Friday continues with 1996's "The Incredible Hulk"!

Unlike Ultraforce, we actually don't get a straight X-Men riff, as not a single character gets their name spelled out as they hop around. Instead, we get a pretty cool instrumental song, and the introductions of most of the cast in a series of pretty cool shots. I really like the animation here, and the way we sort of blend from scenes that feel straight out of the episode to trippy psychological manifestations that don't really make any literal sense (Hulk's face in the clouds, General Ross appearing out of the rocks). I haven't watched the show since it was on, but I remember it being pretty good. It also manages the rare feet of not beginning with a lengthy origin sequence, because we all get it from watching the intro: the guy turns into the Hulk. Unlike Ultraforce, it is available on Netflix, along with a bunch of other 90's series.

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